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Arranged and produced by Ward Pike, “Legendary” is an intriguing collection of traditional and contemporary Newfoundland music. The album includes the classic “Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary’s”, and a touching rendition of Ron Hynes’ “Cape Spear”, as well as a number of original co-writes. Keeping with her French influences, the chanteuse also recorded an elegant and romantic version of the popular French folk song, Vive la Rose“For some time now I’ve wanted to record an album that would blend traditional and contemporary Newfoundland songs,” says Barry. “My father was a balladeer singer from Red Island and though he died when I was quite young, I still have crystal clear memories of his tenor voice soaring while walking the shores of Placentia Bay."


Mary Barry - vocals and compositions

Ward Pike – guitar, mandolin, banjo, background vocals

Charlie Barfoot – guitar
Bill Brennan – piano
Kathie Rose – flute, background vocals
Janis Campbell – violin
Brittany Pike – violin
Paul Kinsman – accordion
Jack Daw – acoustic and electric bass
Rob Lee – drums, percussion
Fred Norman – drums
Sherry Ryan – background vocals 

Arranged and produced by Ward Pike, Comfort Cove Studio, St. John’s

Mastered by Jason Whelan at the Sound Solution, St. John’s

Track Name

Legendary (2013)

Mary Barry has a seductive and compelling voice that is most evident when she sings about her native province of Newfoundland and Labrador. …[Legendary] a beautiful album, filled with such heartfelt feeling and emotion. -The Celtic Connection


…Hearing Mary sing her contemporary pieces such as ‘Southside Hills of Home’,

one might easily mistake them for songs that have been part of Newfoundland’s traditional repertory for generations.

– Le Gaboteur

Nominated for Music NL Jazz Recording of the Year (2014)

Cape Spear
Cape St. Mary's
Southside Hills of Home

Engineer: Yves Drolet

Recording, mixing, mastering: Studio Sismique (Quebec)

Graphic design: Marie-Claude Quenneville

Album cover artist/painter: Denise Pelletier

Photography: Paddy Barry, Skye Tostowaryk



Mary Barry - Vocals, Compositions

Michel Dubeau -duduk, tenor & soproano sax, clarinette, bulgarian kaval (chromatic end-blown flute)

Sylvain Neault - violon & alto

Richard Lavoie - guitar - dobro & percussion

Christine Bernard - classical guitar on Les Engoulevents

Daniel Breton - electric & accoustic bass

Sébastien Dubois - drums

Bruno Fecteau - piano, vocal harmonies & musical direction

Elle chante avec la même innocence que Jane Gainsbourg, la perversité en moins, et Marie Laforêt. Mais elle arrive à communiquer l’émotion qui s’impose. -  Jean Beauchesne, Journal de Québec

Chansons Irisées (2010)

A mélange of sweet melodies, sophisticated jazz, rollicking cabaret and exotic worldbeat, this album is a sensuous and soothing journey through the ever-changing fortunes of the human heart. Chansons Irisées is a charismatic compilation of Barry’s own French compositions as well as her interpretations of songs by Québecois poet Christine Bernard and the icon of French Chanson, Édith Piaf.

Chansons Irisées est effectivement un arc-en-ciel de mélodies magnifiques pour une voix envoûtante qu’est celle de Mary Barry… Chansons Irisées est ce genre d’album que l’on écoute d’un trait, comme on se laisserait emporter par le vent et la mer à bord d’un voilier. - Marc Lalonde, Centrart

Nominated for ECMA Francophone Recording of the Year (2011)

La Gare
La Lune Autour
Ne Me Quitte Pas

Mary Barry is a hard artist to peg down. With a sound rooted in jazz and blues, but nevertheless drawing on a host of European and South American influences, a Mary Barry CD is often as much a trip around the world, as it is a map of the human heart and soul. Her latest CD Red Eye Tonight is no exception.

Building upon her multi-influenced style, Red Eye Tonight has an improvisational sound, featuring all new instrumentation with the flugelhorn, trumpet, flute and vibraphone colouring the arrangements. With a mélange of rhythms from bossa nova, to swing, to a Terre-Neuvienne/Portuguese type waltz with piano accordion and percussion, Red Eye Tonight is a true expression of Mary Barry’s multi-cultural sensibilities.


Mary Barry - voice, compositions

Brian Way - piano

Rick Hollett - saxophone, flute

Patrick Boyle - flugelhorn, trumpet

Bill Brennan - vibes, percussion

Gary Davis - guitar

Mark Peddle - acoustic, electric bass

Gary Tilley - drums

Paddy Barry - background vocals

Andrew Dale - background vocals


Produced by: Rick Hollett and Brian Way     Engineered by: Kevin Pinhorn

Arranged by: Brian Way

Mastered by: Ted Carson at Music Lane, Toronto

Red Eye Tonight (2007)

As a jazz singer, Mary possesses a unique ability to deliver her art to us with discipline and frivolity without sensationalism and waste...a single, clear and vibrant voice that is singular in its feeling, spontaneity and emotion. Definitely a keeper! - EJAZZ NEWS

Wow! This disc blew me away right off the bat! Mary Barry delivers a sweet sound like a consummate New York jazz performer … with an expressive voice that flows over you, so sultry and passionate, the music enfolding and gripping you with a velvet covered touch.

- Linear Reflections

WINNER Female Artist and Jazz & Blues Artist of the Year (2007)

Nominated for Jazz Recording of the Year (2009)

Red Eye Tonight
So Long
Brasse Partout


Mary’s second CD, “These Days”, won her MIANL Female Artist of the Year and an ECMA nomination for Jazz Recording of the Year in 2005. Her third album “Red Eye Tonight” garnered the 2007 Music NL Female Artist of the Year and Jazz/Blues Artist of the Year awards.

Produced by: Rick Kilburn

Engineered by: Dwayne Harder

Recorded, mixed and mastered at: Riverside Recording Studio, Vancouver


Mary Barry - voice, compositions

Miles Black - piano, keyboard, accordion

Jesse Zubot - violin, mandolin

Graham Ord - tenor and soprano saxophone

Rick Kilburn - acoustic bass

Craig Scott - drums

These Days (2003)

...classy yet filled with soulful wisdom, 'These Days' is representative of Mary Barry's incomparable skill in composing and emotive voice quality; with songs that swing, charge en francais, drift light and airy, and above all, speak to you like a song should. - Rick Baily, Sunday Independent


… a gold mine of nuggets for collectors of original jazz and blues. - John Holmes, The Telegram

WINNER - MIANL Female Artist of the Year and nomination for Jazz & Blues Artist of the Year (2004)

ECMA nomination for Jazz Recording of the Year (2005)

These Days
Forever Bound
Pourquoi C'est Comme Ça

Produced by: Glen Meisner, Glen Tilley and CBC Radio

Engineered by: Terry Winsor and Karl Falkenham


Mary Barry - vocals, piano, compositions

John Nugent - sax

Jeff Johnston - piano

Jim Vivian - bass

Michael Billard - drums


For the tracks “January” and “Moonlight Café”
Chris Mitchell on saxophone
Bruce Dixon on bass
Dave Burton on drums

Mary Barry (2000)

I consider myself a tough judge of vocal jazz...I consider Mary Barry quite remarkable and want to hear much more from her.

- Ross MacLean, Broadcast Week

January  - CBC/ALCAN Jazz Competition

                     (Atlantic region) Semi Finalist (1988)

    - First prize CBC Atlantic Song Contest (1989)     


Running Away  -NL Arts & Letters Award (1993)

Moonlight Cafe
Airport Blues
Sagittarius Rising
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